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Stipes and Fronds...

*Disclaimer: senoritafish is neither an umarried Latina nor an actual fish; however, a señorita is a real fish that lives in the kelp forests off southern California, from whom she takes her name. senoritafish is a marine biologist, mom and mate, who occasionally likes to doodle and fiddle with techie things like computers and digital cameras.

This page being a record of Weirdness, Family, Fannishness, and Fish.

"All these things I should keep to myself
But I feel somehow strangely compelled...."

- Neil Finn, Sinner

Mar. 16th, 2016

Since my friendlist has gotten a bit bare, @zimon66 suggested this friendzy currently going on:

spring fling friending frenzy!

And according to the rules, I'm spreading the word...

(Edit: Oops, I guess this should be public, hmm?)
So, a few months ago I got an email reminding me I'd signed up at Tegaki, a Japanese blogging site where you draw all of your entries. Can't remember when I actually signed up there; it was an intriguing idea at the time, but I'd never actually used it. Anyway, a reminder was sent, and I had been thinking I been wishing for an oekaki board, as all the ones I used to be a member of seemed to have either disappeared or had such super advanced members I wasn't comfortable trying to post in them. Anyway, I gave it a try at the time; I need to go back there again and try to use it regularly. I'd posted these at Tumblr but never got around to posting them here. Fanarts done with the touchpad as I'd misplaced my tablet.

Artz...Collapse )
(posted @ Tumblr, copied here)

So, somewhere on one of these silly sites, probably FB, I commented as a part of contest entry a month or two ago. I think I signed up for a book reviews newsletter. And then I promptly forgot about it.

Last week I got an email saying I'd won and asking for my address; a shiny new copy of Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane. Which was a bright spot in an otherwise sucky day; something I'd been sort expecting to happen, happened, although expecting it hadn't made it any more pleasant.

I'd wanted to go to one of his signings but alas, couldn't afford tickets at the time, so this was a very happy alternative. When I got home from work last night, oldest fry burst out the front door calling, "You've got a package!" and handed me a bubble-wrap envelope. After taking it inside and setting my things down, I peeled it open and pulled out the contents.

It was The Book. And not only the book, it was Signed!

Wow. I wasn't expecting that. In green ink on the frontspiece. Actually touched by neilhimself.

I'm not usually given to overt fangirling, but I may have rubbed my hands together a little and performed a little Sheldon Cooper-like "eheheh, there are probably some skin cells still on the paper, I could make a clone!" to the chagrin of my offspring, who immediately chatised me. Ah well, I may be a biologist, but not with anywhere near that kind of expertise. ;p

The graveyard-working spouse requsted an extra few minutes of sleep after his wakeup call, so I read a bit while waiting. Dammit, Neil, you made me mist up in the second chapter. Something very similar happened to me at about the same age. Though a lot of things that happened then are foggy, that memory is very sharp and It still aches badly.

Then I had to rewake spouse, cobble together some dinner and try to watch promised Dr. Who on Netflix with middle fry, but couldn't get the Nook to work. Dug through my change to provide oldest fry with enough lunch money for a field trip to the Science Center to see Endeavor today. Forget to give him the little camera. Dammit.

I keep coming across his "make good art" speech, and I keep thinking I should try to do more of that. More doodle than art and not so much good, but I do enjoy it when I do it. My kids are always working on something, and I seem to be forgetting how to do that. I always carry around a notebook and pencils - I need to start pulling them out more often. Things are going to be tougher soon, and it's probably a better way of responding than I have been.

Thanks, for writers, whether of books or of fanfics or screenplays, makers of funny, and artists serious and fannish, and composers of music and all the creative people here and elsewhere for sharing yourselves. It makes it a little bit easier for all of us to get through some tough times.
(transferred from Tumblr - I should do this more often, but I don't usually write so much there...)


"Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you..."

So, I occasionally check out the tea tag (mostly looking for odd stuff), and along with neat images of tea cups and teapots, it seems the cool thing for the kids to do is take a picture of your canned ice tea and post it. I'm not sure why, but it's mostly Arizona brand, with captions like mmm, yum, my favorite etc. The next most common thing is a photo of a miniskirted lap, with hands holding a cuppa. Or a tea pot on a stack of books.

And what is it with tea imagery being labelled hipster and vintage? Last I knew, it wasn't exclusively those things.

"What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson, Joltin' Joe has left and gone away..."

Anyway. I picked this up at the 99¢ Only store while waiting for the bus. While this is still an Arizona can, I think Joe must be sad to wind up on the shelf there; he certainly looks it. Doesn't bode well. Arnold Palmer on the same can is going great guns, while poor Joe is shelved among the off-import coconut juice and the relabeled Monster coffee/energy drinks originally intended for sale in Korea.

Kind of reminded me of the coffee Coke they test marketed around here a few years ago. Coffee, but carbonated and sweet, with a tart undertone which I didn’t care for, like old burned gas station coffee. Not a big black coffee drinker anyway, so not for me. Sorry, Joe.

Not his first association with coffee - he used to plug Mr. Coffee machines when I was a kid and drip coffee machines were a new thing.
Starting to think I am cursed.  We just got the mini-van back from its second round of repairs, which took three weeks instead of the promised one (this dealership is so getting a nasty Yelp review).  Driving to work this morning and passing an extremely slow-moving vehicle on the freeway when suddenly I hear a horrible loud vibrating noise from the back of the vehicle and realize I've had blowout.  Since I was coming up on the exit I was planning to get off on anyway, I just pulled off, turned the corner and parked; I hope I didn't drive it too far on the rim and damage the wheel.

This is what I found when I got out of the car to inspect the damage.

Does this look like a normal  blowout?  I'd almost say it looks like it was slashed, except why would it wait until I was 9 miles or so away from home to blow out?  I showed this pic to my coworker, and she thought it looked like a defective tire.


We've had two tires that had leaks, and one of them has gotten to point I have to put air in it every day. This wasn't one of those.   We've been waiting to replace them because 1) we didn't have the money, and 2) we wanted to get a little more wear before we replaced all four at once.

I called John, who was pretty much incoherent because he'd fallen asleep getting home from work; he insisted he'd deal with it after he'd gotten some shuteye, so I told him I'd call work and have someone pick me up.

Cursed I tell you.


Well, waiting at the dentist for Angus to have a filling, there's no wifi, and I've forgotten to save something I was going to work on while I'm here out of an email, so I'll try to fill in one of those empty topic entries I put up for myself a while ago (Cheezus, that was in January!  What have I been doing?)  Providing I haven't completely forgotten how to write.

I wish my body would make up its damn mind.TMI female stuff...Collapse )
Anyway, I need to make a doctor appointment, I know I’m overdue for an exam. And after badgering runsmuck to make one for himself, I suppose I’d better at least as a show of good faith.

Speaking of which, I get so damn mad at him about his health. He takes several medications for his chronic severe asthma. Most of these have a limit on the number of refills, by which time he is supposed to see his doctor again to make sure all of them are working correctly and get them refilled again. He’s been complaining lately that he just cannot shake the current wheeze he has, and when I question him, he’s been out of his rescue inhaler for a couple of weeks and his long term meds for a month and a half. All he’s been using is his nebulizer meds – pretty much the same stuff as his rescue inhaler, but requires a machine to turn it into vapor, so not very portable. He generally only uses the nebulizer as a last resort, but it was all he’d been using lately, including waking up in the middle of the night to use. He will not phone his doctor until I bully him into it, or I have to do it myself. Then, his doctor is very popular and quite often it’s a month and a half before he can get in, unless he can get a cancellation. I have been trying to get him to switch to a doctor in my medical group, where because it’s a group, you can at least see someone even if your own doctor isn’t available. Grrr.

Did I say the car is back in the shop as well? The check engine light was on when we got it back and the transmission seems not to have been hooked up right. When I drove it, quite often the engine would rev but not move, until suddenly it would engage and then leap forward. When we’d had it for about a week, John was driving and suddenly he couldn’t get it out of third gear. It’s been back at the shop for a week and a half now, and while they assured us there would be no charge to correct it, we have not heard yet how long it’s going to be and when we might have our vehicle back again. This dealership is getting a nasty review on Yelp, once we get it back, and we’re finding somewhere else to have stuff done next time. Apparently they’re short-staffed and very busy, but too busy for a 5 minute update? Grrr again.

Luckily this time, runsamuck’s mom and grandmother were going back to Michigan for 3 weeks, so she offered to lend us her car while they’re away. Which is nice, because carrying groceries for 5 people half a mile back and forth – even with a cart – is kind of a pain. We do have a ton of reusable bags and the kids are always drafted to be pack horses, but buying anything in bulk (like a week’s worth at a time) is just impossible.

brain droppings watching sherlock

Wrote last July, even though I first started watching Sherlock in January '12.  I had it private since I figured no one was interested, but there's a couple of people who are fans so I guess I'll make it public:

Mostly a bullet list of observations that I kept going back and adding to - may be kind of dated by now...Collapse )

  • I want Sherlock's teapot.  Artist has tons of other neat stuff too, frogs and tuataras on teapots and mugs.

  • </ul>

    May. 22nd, 2013

    Work has finally upgraded us into the 21st Century by finally migrating us to Windows 7. The upside is that I have a new laptop I'd thought mine would be fixed - I needed a new power cable and a few of the keys on my keyboard didn't work, meaning I had to take a Spongebob roll-up keyboard with me when I went to meetings - but turns out it was out of warrantee, so they figured it was better to issue me a new one. The downside is they're much more locked down now, so I can't download my LJ client, among other handy little things I use, because it's not approved software. Sigh. I knew it was coming. So I'll just have to use the page.

    I feel like Tumblr is making me forget how to write. The truth is I don't get much time on the family laptop (I just don't feel like hearing all the grumbling), so I'm using my Nook most of the time lately, and typing on it is really a pain in the ass, especially there. But here, I must have made a dozen placeholders for posts on topics that I haven't written. I thought I'd get some of them done while riding the bus the last three months, but I used the time to reread the original Sherlock Holmes instead. Haven't quite gotten through all of it, but nearly.

    I think my last post was when the car blew up. We only got it back last week. It turned out it wasn't just the head, it was the long block - which meant the entire engine had to be replaced.  A week on each end was due to our having to come up with money for a deposit and to pay it off (so much for our tax refund - we still had to get a loan). We looked into buying a used engine, but they came with no guarantees, and John's experience with two used transmissions in the Kia's predecessor (one of which only lasted a couple of months) made us opt for new parts, some of which must have had to be shipped from Korea. John is a good haggler though, and they gave us about a 15% discount for taking so damn long.

    With the price of gas though, I think I still should take the bus, even though there's no longer a route down the street my office is on and I have to walk a mile each way to the stop. I really don't mind the walk, but between it and still having to transfer, sometimes it was taking me two hours or more to get home. The Starbucks at my transfer point was getting way too much of my money.

    Btw, if they ask, don't let them put two teabags in a Grande sized reusable cup. It's nicely strong, but $3.55 is too goddamned much for a cup of tea. And when I asked for a tall amount of water with one teabag in it, so it wasn't too weak, it took me five minutes to get across to the guy what I wanted. "ok, so you just want hot water? You want one teabag and no water?" I finally had to take the cup, show him there was a line inside for Tall, and tell him only fill it up to there, and no farther. Sheesh.

    Anyway, I keep meaning to test out my son's bike to see if it's something I could ride the two miles from my first bus, thus saving the walking time and having to transfer, but I keep forgetting over the weekend.

    Huh, this page says I can still send stuff to FB; I thought FB wasn't allowing that anymore.


    Most of the time I comment, I'm afraid I'm not making any sense. Half the time I erase it because I can't bring myself to click Post.
    Wonderful. When I looked at my profile the other day, I noticed a bunch of broken images links; apparently the website I had been using for images (before I got a Flickr account - pre-2006, maybe?) must have gone under. Which means that images in a lot of my earlier entries are now gone - I'd never moved any of them over. Well, that sucks. Not that anyone looks at my old posts anymore, but for my own records...I know I have the original image files in other places, it's just a major pain to try to replace them all.

    Would have been nice to have some notification.


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