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Stipes and Fronds...

*Disclaimer: senoritafish is neither an umarried Latina nor an actual fish; however, a señorita is a real fish that lives in the kelp forests off southern California, from whom she takes her name. senoritafish is a marine biologist, mom and mate, who occasionally likes to doodle and fiddle with techie things like computers and digital cameras.

This page being a record of Weirdness, Family, Fannishness, and Fish.

"All these things I should keep to myself
But I feel somehow strangely compelled...."

- Neil Finn, Sinner
This is a promotion he's doing with Blackberry, but it sounded interesting. Alas, I do not have a Twitter account. I watch a few people but damned if I don't feel like I'm listening to one side of a phone conversation and I can't restrict myself to 140 characters. While I tried his prompts, I forgot about them until after he wrote his Calendar of Tales from the ones others submitted. But they were intriguing, and so I tried...


Why is January so dangerous? #JanTale
Overpromising and inevitable underdelivering. I try not to promise anything anymore.

What's the strangest thing that ever happened to you in February? #FebTale
Beginning to leak amniotic fluid while on the phone to a friend during an El Nino storm. First child induced the next morning, a month early, spent a week in NICU. Labor is very strange; so are breast pumps.

What Historical figure does March remind you of? #MarTale
Caesar is obvious; and I suppose Wikipedia is cheating. March is in like a lion, symbolized by kites – Benjamin Franklin?

What is your happiest memory of April? #AprTale
Vague memories of Grandma's egg hunts in Penn Park in Whittier, for all the neighborhood kids she babysat.

What is the weirdest gift you've ever been given in May? #MayTale
The sight of my soon-to-be husband being wrapped up like a burrito in a medieval Scottish kilt, in front of all our guests on our wedding day. Weird but wonderful.

Next question: where would you spend a perfect June? (reply with #JunTale.)
Warm but not hot, and no bugs. No weddings, either. Somewhere to snorkel with pretty fishies – My daughter's namesake town on Catalina Island would be wonderful, and still close to home. I've never been there with my family.

What is the most unusual thing you have ever seen in July? (I'm tracking these with #JulTale)
King-of-the-salmon coming up with trawl-nets full of hake, back when I was a fisheries observer on a Polish factory ship. And drunk captains full of cheap Canadian whiskey.

Your next question. If August could speak, what would it say? #AugTale
White seabass opens on the 15th; so does various fishing gear you need to keep track of…Do I have to tell you EVERY YEAR?

Tell me something you lost in September that meant a lot to you. #SeptTale
My brother; I've never felt so betrayed. To completely reverse what you'd said since dad died, and in front of my kids who look up to you?

What mythical creature would you like to meet in October? (&why?) use #OctTale
October is often hot where I live, a preface to winds and fires. Some Asian dragons are said to bring rain – I wonder about making friends with one, who could visit them. I don't think I could actually know, for this too work though; I don't think dragons take kindly to ulterior motives. And know I feel like I should go re-read R.A. McAvoy's Tea with the Black Dragon.

What would you burn in November, if you could? #NovTale
Any Christmas decorations, music, lights that show up before Thanksgiving. Excusable arson, except for in July as a joke, or you purposely just left them up all year. Example: Runsmuck used to tell about a friend of his who left up Xmas stuff all year long; he used to rib him thusly:

"So June 25 must be a big celebration day for you, huh?"
"That's when your decorations go from being up late to up early."

Who would you like to see again in December? Don't forget #DecTale
Like anyone else, I wish my mom could spoil her grandkids at Christmas, my best cat Bob to plot Yule tree assassination, my dad, uncle, my grandma, my husband's brother. I'm getting to be an age when that list is becoming more populous than I'd like.


He's written his Tales now (downloadable here), and the next step is art to go with them. Hmmm...I'll have something more to read on the bus, looks like...
So I had to borrow a vehicle the other night to go pick up our poor Sedona, which runsamuck left sitting on the off-ramp at Harbor Blvd.in Costa Mesa. We consoled ourselves with In N Out while we waited for the tow truck - it was right next to the exit. The guy gave us a tow to the dealership, and we dropped it off. They told us the next day it had thrown a rod and would likely need a rebuild or new engine. Today we got the cost. So much for our tax refund, which I had been planning to put toward some things in my dad's estate.

Cripes. do they send out the the self-destruct signal along with your pink slip? Talk about planned obsolescence.
We finally made the last payment on our Kia Sedona last month. Still in great shape.

I told John Friday I thought the Kia's engine was running a bit rough and asked him to listen to be sure I wasn't imagining it.

After driving to work Friday night and coming home Saturday morning, he confirmed it.

He dropped me off at work this morning because he was going to help his friend Jerry at his house. On the way, it came up about several people whose cars had met their ends, and this one had better not start falling apart because it was paid off.

He just called me. He's stuck on the freeway waiting for Jerry to pick up him, and a tow truck.

Blown head gasket.


So much for moving what was the car payment into savings....

Last 4th of July and a visitor...

Something I meant to document from awhile ago - the fourth of July as a matter of fact.  But as the profile says, events may not occur in chronological order. Winter holidays just past so you get something from a warm summer one.

crowds and a single visitor...Collapse )
Sharecroppers of the Sea - Page 1 - News - Seattle - Seattle Weekly

Very interesting article on catch shares in the Alaskan halibut/sablefish fishery. While often touted as one of the best ways to manage fisheries by giving industry more of a stake in stewardship, reducing races for quota on opening day (“derby fishing”) and making landed catch better quality and more valuable. While that’s been accomplished in this fishery, there have been a lot of unforeseen social consequences.

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year 2013 by *senoritafish on deviantART

I'm sorry, I am late with everything for this year. Seems like I spend most of my time on my Nook, which will not let me copy/pasta anything, and it's kind of pain to type longer entries on. But in any case I think I'm allowed to say Happy New Year all of January, right?

I did the shark a while ago - you've probably seen it before, but finally kicked the kid's off the family laptop long enough to make the background New Year's Day. Gimp comes with kinda crappy fonts for text.

I wish everyone a far better and happier 2013 than 2012 was (and a good riddance to it). It's been rough for a lot of us, and I have to believe it can only get better.
1. Where have you been that you loved and would like to visit again?
This is one of those questions like "What's your favorite color?" that I don't have a single answer to. 

In 1988, I spent a year in Brisbane, QLD Australia, as an exchange student.  I have always wanted to go back to Australia and visit more parts of it I didn't get to see.

I love the Pacific Northwest.  I went to college in Arcata, CA and I had a relative who lived in Seattle for awhile.  I actually like rainy weather.

Warm, tropical places are nice too, but I don't deal with heat too well, and bugs love me.  I did like Puerto Vallarta for the short time we had a timeshare there.

When I lived in New Hampshire, I had neither the schedule or extra money to see much of the Northeast US.  I particularly regret not seeing more of Maine,  and unfortunately, missed most of the leaves changing the autumn I was there.  Since I live in a place where there's not a lot of change between seasons, I'd like to see that more.

2. Where have you been that you HATED and would never go back, no matter what?
If I never had to see the inside of a big hotel chain meeting room again, it would be too soon.  Unfortunately, that's part of my job, so I can't get out of it for now.

3. Where do you want to go that you have never been?
Scotland and other Celtic places.  Europe, Africa, Antarctica.  Except for Australia and a brief period living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I really haven't traveled much.  We still haven't visited my husband's relatives in Michigan since we've been married, because plane tickets for a family of five are prohibitive.

4. Where do you NEVER want to visit?

Saudi Arabia. Juarez, Mexico.  Anyplace the temperature is regularly over 90° F. 

BONUS:  For those who travel for business, any good road warrior stories?  Packing tips?  Good hotel chains?

I do occasionally have to travel for business, but I can't say I have any particular tips.  I always forget something, but I'm not usually gone more than a few days, so it can usually be lived without.  Remember to leave your pocketknife at home.  I have one my husband gave me as an anniversary present that I've had to call him to come back to the airport to get, because I forgot to take it out of my pocket.  Other things in your pockets you don't realize have metal in them; I once got nearly strip searched and almost missed my plane because of a tea bag packet from the hotel, which had a metal lining.

Seems like I'm always assigned travel at the end of the month when I'm short of funds, so I always try to bring some kind of food with me I can prepare with what's in a hotel room.  Instant oatmeal, noodles, cans of sardines, apples and oranges, nuts and dried fruit.  A few times I've had to beg off going out for dinner with the team I'm on and make a meal out of this kind of stuff.  If I'm lucky there'll be a grocery store within walking distance.  I always hope the contracted hotel has fridges or microwaves in the rooms but sometimes it's only a coffeemaker.

I do geocaching and waymarking so before a trip, I try to look up caches and waymarks within walking distance of the hotel and enter them in my GPSr - sometimes they lead me to neat little things I might not have seen, and it gets me out of the hotel for awhile.
Passed this on to miss_geek yesterday, but wanted to put it here as well...From The Oatmeal on being a web content creator...

Some Thoughts and Musings about Making Things for the Web

Not that I do this…but applicable to any creative endeavor, I think.  Except for the whole “making a living at it” aspect, because I would starve if that were the case.

"Inspiration is more like food poisoning; it spays out uncontrollably when you need it the least."

I don't consider myself a writer, but darned if ideas for things don't pop up when you have a deadline, or something else desperately needs doing (I often get an urge to do housework in those situations as well, except when I'm supposed to be doing housework).

I came across these the other day; I was thinking about doing some myself since I've been terrible at updating lately. The BlogHer network was having an alternative to NaNoWriMo, since I've been terrible about updating lately; National Blog Posting Month - the theme is Blogging For the Sake of Blogging and here's a list of prompts - never mind that I find them when November is half over with.


Very interesting - a board game about commercial swordfish fishing.  I may have to try this.

Nov. 13th, 2012

Song of the Lonely Mountain

I'd heard Neil Finn was doing the end credit song to The Hobbit movie; I'd thought I'd have to go see the movie or buy the soundtrack to hear it!  I know Crowded House songs have been featured in soundtracks before, and I know his brother Tim has done credits songs before, but this is the first one I've heard Neil doing.*  Quite a bit different from his usual songwriting - much more orchestral and ethereal-sounding, although of course I've only listened so far on a tinny single Nook speaker...

In other observations about this movie, after so much Sherlock watching lately, which most people I know are clueless about, it's slightly weird to notice six-foot-tall images of Martin Freeman's face suddenly looking out from all the bus stop signage in the last week or so.

*I take that back - he did the soundtrack to a film called Rain in 2001, which I haven't seen or heard, unfortunately.  I remember my Finn email list talking about that one, but it's not widely available here.

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