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Visit the kelpforest....

...fresh amphipods served daily.

8 November 1962
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*Disclaimer: Events may not occur in chronological order...*

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I survived my second annual Blogathon for the Niki Hospice Foundation for Pets on August 6, 2005:

Participants in the Blogathon raise money for charity by collecting pledges and making an entry in their online blogs/journals every half hour for 24 hours. Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored me! If you'd like to check out the madness:

6:00 am to 11:30 pm

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"All these things I should keep to myself

But I feel somehow strangely compelled...."

- Neil Finn, Sinner

Hey, I went up two grades!
senoritafish's Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 11
Average number of words per sentence:22.73
Average number of syllables per word:1.48
Total words in sample:5227
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

You really want to know about me?
As I said in my first entry, I'm not so arrogant as to think others might be interested in my boring life, but I figured I could embarass my kids with this someday!

So,what's a señoritafish?
A señorita (Oxyjulis californica) is a small fish in the wrasse family that lives in the kelp forest off southern California. They are a rather plain brown to orange, with a black spot on the tail. Dr. Milton Love of UC Santa Barbara has this to say about them:

Identifying characters: A little cigar-shaped fish, señoritas have large scales and cute buck teeth which stick out of their mouths and simply cry out for a competent orthodontist.

Distribution and biology: These are strictly diurnal fish; they are active during the day and sleep at night. Actually it’s sort of neat watching their bedtime routine. About 15 minutes after sunset, the fish search out a coarse sand bed and, almost faster than you can see, they barrel headfirst into the bottom, burying themselves for the night. About 15 minutes before sunrise, they shake themselves loose, comb the sand from their gill-slits, and for the office, ready to trade plankton futures for yet another day.

Fishery: Considered a nuisance by some anglers because they are accomplished bait-stealers.

Remarks: Señoritas are cleaners, picking external parasites and dead tissues from the bodies of other fishes Lots of fishes, including bat rays, giant sea bass garibaldi, molas, kelpfish, blacksmith, etc are cleaned by this species. However, while some tropical cleaner (wrasses) are full-timers, señoritas are sort of dilettantes in the field, cleaning only when the mood strikes them and the mood only strikes an occasional fish, only once in a while. However, when this “cleaning thing” does begin, it causes quite a commotion. For instance, a señorita might begin by casually inspecting a blacksmith’s skin, looking for parasites. When the blacksmith notices this, it often stops swimming, holds its fins erect and motionless (frequently in a head down position). Other fish see what is going on, and quickly move in, often forming a ball of activity around the cleaner. The señorita soon moves away, perhaps to inspect and pick at other fishes, which are busily throwing themselves in its path. After a relatively short while, the cleaner loses all interest in the matter and swims off, leaving in its wake a trail of disappointment and despair.

- Dr. Milton Love, Everything You Probably Didn't Want to Know About Fishes of the Pacific Coast

What do YOU have to do with señoritafish?
While I am neither an umarried Latina nor a fish, for some reason I identify with these guys. I'm a marine biologist, and I always enjoyed watching them in my diving days. Something about these slender little fish that swim with their pectoral fins (like birds) instead of their tails always puts me in a good mood. And we probably have the same attitudes towards cleaning - although I try not to leave disappointment and despair in my wake.

And garibaldi was taken.

I always liked Anne McCaffrey's description of herself - "My hair is silver, my eyes are green, and I freckle. The rest is subject to change without notice."

Except change silver to curly brown, eyes to blue/grey, and I probably don't change all that much.

I am:
- mate to runsamuck (who often appears as just plain "John" in these pages)
- married 15 yrs. and still not used to the word "wife" ("Gee, thanks," he says, rolling his eyes)
- Mom of 2 boys, a girl, and 4 3 cats (two of the cats are older than the children)
- closer to 40 than 20 (I was going to change this but I guess it's still true, and will always be true)
- a marine biologist (I said that already, didn't I?)
- have many strange and weird interests for a person my age (see list below).

I am somewhat of feminist, to the point that I did not change my name, but I still shave my legs on occasion (but not usually in the wintertime).

I rather like the grey streaks I'm getting on my head - kind of like racing stripes.

I am liable to post just about anything that happens to drop out of my brain, but probably not anything extremely juicy. I probably inherited more of my mom's puritanical streak than I like to admit (much to runsamuck's frustration).

I do not write poetry or poetical prose - I greatly admire those of you who do, but it's a talent I'm sadly lacking in.

I like to sing, but my kids are always telling me to "stop that racket!"

I have those chat thingies up there, but I often forget to turn them on. If you'd really like to chat, email me and let me know when you want to! I'm a bit on the shy side, so I'm probably not going to bother you first.

Current Weather Here:
The WeatherPixie
John Wayne Airport - Newport Beach
(next city over from me)
(FYI - pixie is random and not necessarily representative of anyone)

Read and Release at BookCrossing.com...

Books just wanna be FREE! See what I mean at:
Where&apos;s George?
Where does the money go?

Representative Reading:
(I've finished these, but these are pretty much the kinds of books I pick up. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, there is the occasional non-fiction, science, introspection, or biography - I try to get out of my rut once in a while, but usually roll right back into it.)

Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. So far, this is wonderful, funny and poignant at the same time. Sent to me by li_kao, who thought I should read it. Actually his exact words were "I get copies to foist off on whoever I can!"

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. In the not-so-distant future, the government barely exists, both the Mafia and the CIA have become corporations, and gated communities have evolved into "Burbclaves" which are considered independent countries. Skateboarding is no longer a crime but an important means of business delivery. A virulent new religion that seems to cause brain damage is being spread by a virus (both computer and biological). Any book where the main character is named Hiro Protagonist has got to be worth a read.

The Biology of Star Trek by Robert Jenkins MD, PhD, and Susan Jenkins, MD .

Mother Nature: A History of Mothers, Infants and Natural Selection by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy (no, her name is not misspelled). Very interesting analysis of the evolution of human motherhood.

List Yourself: Listmaking as the Way to Self-Discovery by Ilene Segalove and Paul Bob Velich. There's really not enough room to make complete lists in this book so maybe I'll put some of them here.

Anything else?
Well, I think you'll just have to start readin'...

The Venture Bros. is "Go Team Venture" Love <3</a>

Jet is love

Alex Armstrong, Sparkles are love

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Something I want to get done at my place - bug me about it.
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